Tuesday, September 15, 2020

100 WC Week 2

 Kia ora! Today I started the One hundred word challenge. I hope This piece of writing will be enough to empress people! 

Bumper Hay

I am Lama and I own my own farm, I have loved it because my ancestor owned it in 1203. (pretty crazy right). One day I went out and went for a bike ride around the town to deliver some pumpkins and very juicy apples. Then I came across an old friend of mine and said

 “Hey Luciana how are you today?”But then when I looked infront of me there was a massive bale of hay and I accidentally drove into it.  Half of my body was stuck. Wriggling out I felt itchy and my face was dusty. Close call!



  1. What an AMAZING story Arabella.
    I really liked it and it made me giggle.I like that you used punctuation.How did you manage to keep track of using only 100 words?.

  2. greeting Arabella your story look's amazing I think you have nothing to work or change on anyway goodbye.

  3. What a fantastic piece of writing Arabella! Well done! Absolutely loved it! Great job sticking to 100 words :)